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MP Woodworth wants Parliament to decide when human life begins…WTF!?

I wrote the following letter to our PM Stephen Harper and to MP Woodworth, who wants to re-open the abortion issue by having Parliament decide when human life begins.  This shit just pisses me off–it’s been decided so why can’t these uber-Christian nutbars just leave it the fuck alone?  Anyway, my letter:  I am writing out of concern […]

Using Animal Flesh to Fundraise for Companion Animal Rescue Organizations

Companion animal rescue organizations do great work, so don’t take what I’m about to say the wrong way. But I find it strange that some people will work tirelessly on behalf of dogs and/or cats, and then go and eat a hamburger or steak. WTF!? Perhaps even worse is when these organizations sell hamburgers and […]


The media portrays Kim Kardashian as a “victim” of a flour bomber. No one mentioned that the dead animal she was sporting was the true victim in the situation. Ironic.