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Dating Sucks

I’m a happily married woman, and have been so for coming up to two years now. But before I got together with Mark, I had some dating train-wrecks. Dating sucks, and I am glad I am no longer part of that world. The one that stands out in my mind was actually a blind date. […]

President Obama is…gay?

I wondered when the Christian nutbars were going to start accusing President Obama of being gay. If the president affirmed that he supports women’s rights, would the Christian nutbars say he must be a woman? Nothing those people do or say ever makes any sense, yet they have a massive following. There must be a lot […]

Jory, the negative Nelly

I am not, by nature, a negative person. As such, I don’t like having negative people in my life. I find that they drag me down to their level of misery, and that just sucks. So I avoid them, which is hard to do when they are friends of my husband. Jory has been my […]

Vegan Married to Non-Vegan

I have been vegan for about six or seven years now.  I didn’t bother with that whole “I’m going to try vegetarianism first” bullshit—-I just went cold tofurky.  One day, I was eating meat, dairy, eggs and whatever else, and the next day, I just….wasn’t.  I realized that animals were suffering because of the stupid choices I was […]

Works and Doesn’t Work…WTF?!

Apparently, being a vegan means that I am open to attack and unsolicited feedback from others.  I recently got involved in a conversation that started out promisingly enough but went into a tailspin quickly.  I thought the discussion would be about veganism, why I chose it and what it’s all about, but it turned out that […]