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President Obama is…gay?

I wondered when the Christian nutbars were going to start accusing President Obama of being gay. If the president affirmed that he supports women’s rights, would the Christian nutbars say he must be a woman? Nothing those people do or say ever makes any sense, yet they have a massive following. There must be a lot of hate in this world for them to be as successful as they are.

I am amazed that in a world as rife with problems as ours is, these folks insist on fixating on something that does not matter a damn in the grand scheme of things. I mean, really. The entire institution of marriage—indeed, of the family—is just going to come crashing down around us if gays are allowed to marry? They are out to recruit our children into gayness? They want to take over the planet and turn it into one big, gay orgy? Wow. Just…wow. I thought Christians were supposed to be loving or, at the very least, pleasant. I think a few of them may even be so, but what the hell happened to these ones?

I really think that the majority of people honestly don’t give a shit if gay people get married. Who cares? Everyone else is allowed to, so why not them? They couldn’t mess up the institution of marriage any more than the heteros already have. If two consenting adults love each other and want to make a formal, legal commitment to each other, who the hell are these people to stop them? The problem is that those of us who are fine with it are not bellowing loudly enough to drown out the Christian nutbars. We need to silence guys like Paul Cameron, who spouts some particularly disturbing crap here: http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2012/05/paul-cameron-suggests-obama-is-gay-demands-gays-be-imprisoned-before-they-rape-kids/ .

Personally, I found his comments about little boys bending over to grab their ankles more than just a little disturbing. Clearly he has spent some time thinking about how it would work…disturbing—very, very disturbing. Gays are not pedophiles, and the Christian nutbars are really crossing a line in implying that they are. In fact, all of their anti-gay rhetoric is crossing a line, and I think more and more of us are starting to get really sick of hearing it. Everything they say drips with hatred and hypocrisy, and it’s ridiculous. While I am often inclined to laugh at their stupidity, it’s also frightening that there are people who really and truly believe what they say, people who are so full of anger and hatred that they will direct it anywhere these nutbars tell them to.

It’s a shame that freedom of speech is a double-edged sword—while it allows reasonable and rational people to have a voice, it also allows the Christian nutbars to spew their shit out everywhere. It’s not just that I “don’t agree” with what they are saying (although I don’t, obviously). I would be fine with their right to spew shit if their shit didn’t seem to tickle the violent hater bone in so many people.  Their hate-filled ideas could—no, already do—lead to incidents of violence against those they are preaching hatred for. That is dangerous. While I am not at all in favour of censoring people’s thoughts and ideas just because I disagree with them, I also don’t think someone has the right to just spew lies in order to get some people to hate others. But I guess that’s the flip side of freedom—for every good, decent person who can think for him or herself and has no wish to preach hate and harm to others, there’s a handful of brainwashed idiots who cannot think for themselves and mindlessly consume whatever some nutbar zealot chooses to shit out his mouth. I can only hope that at some point, the sane majority finally has enough and stands against these people. The bottom line is that gay people are not hurting anyone, and as human beings, they are entitled to the same rights and privileges everyone else enjoys. End of story.

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