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Responses to your veganism

On his Facebook page, Professor Gary Francione posed an interesting question: Have you talked to anyone about veganism today, and if so, what was the response? This got me thinking about all the times I’ve discussed veganism with other people and all the responses I’ve received. By far the most pleasant was a woman I […]

Vegan “Purity”

One of the most common arguments against veganism that I have heard is that our very existence necessitates the death of some animals. And somehow this translates into, if we can’t avoid killing some of them, then we should not avoid killing any of them. The usual example given is that when plowing a field […]

Tory MPs feel their “freedom of speech” is being muzzled…..

Here is a message I wrote to our PM after reading about how some Conservative MPs feel they are being denied their “right to free speech” in the House of Commons. Apparently, a Conservative MP was told to stand down when he tried to raise the subject of sex-selection abortion in the House. These MPs […]

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill…?

I just did a blog entry about memes, and it reminded me of another meme I came across on Facebook.  It was a close-up picture of Morpheus, from the movie The Matrix, and the caption read “What if I told you….it is possible to be an animal activist without posting graphic pictures of animals suffering” […]

It’s a MEME, dude! Relax!

A friend of mine posted a silly meme on Facebook—it was a picture of that Honey Boo-Boo child (Alana), dressed in her pageant finery and posing grandly, and the caption was “Prevent Natural Disasters”. There was a Trojan condom logo in the lower corner. I thought it was quite funny. Someone immediately commented that it […]

Being Vegan Does Not Mean Being Judgmental

Why do non-vegans insist that vegans are “judgmental” and “self-righteous”? Nothing could be farther from the truth. As a vegan, I have taken a good, long look at the world around me and decided that I do not like what I see. I realize that the only way to make meaningful change is to start […]

No, eating meat did NOT make our ancestors smarter

Here is a fantastic blog that shows exactly why this theory is flawed and why the Paleo diet is not legitimate.