Tory MPs feel their “freedom of speech” is being muzzled…..

Here is a message I wrote to our PM after reading about how some Conservative MPs feel they are being denied their “right to free speech” in the House of Commons. Apparently, a Conservative MP was told to stand down when he tried to raise the subject of sex-selection abortion in the House. These MPs are using every tactic they can think of to dredge up this “issue”. I am frankly getting tired of it, and as a vegan woman, I fear that if these lunatics get their way, I could be forced to consume animal products while pregnant. I can just imagine the ways these guys could come up with to control women…scary shit.

The irony is that these MPs are railing that their “rights are being trampled on”….failing to make the connection that if they have their way, the right of every single woman in this country to have autonomy over her own body will most definitely be trampled on. This is why I refuse to vote Conservative–they are religious zealots. Anyway, my letter:

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

I’ve been reading in the news about how upset Conservative MPs are getting regarding limits to what they say in the House of Commons regarding abortion. Keep up the good work–religion has no place in governing a country, and I applaud your efforts to keep church separated from state. It is vital that you do so.

The issue of “sex-selection” abortion is just another way MPs are trying to dredge up the “abortion issue”. I’m not sure why Conservatives are so desperately trying to raise this “issue”, as it has already been decided–life begins when a baby is born and exists outside the mother’s body. Anything else–like the crazy idea that life somehow begins at conception–would put women’s right to determine what happens to their own bodies in serious jeopardy. Where would it end? Pregnant women could have every aspect of their lives dictated to them and wrested from their control, all in the name of the “rights of the fetus”.

This “issue” is, again, nothing more than Christian zealots trying to force their ideas of morality onto everyone else and punish women for the “sin” of engaging in sexual activity. I am very glad that you are keeping control of that situation in the House of Commons and not allowing religious zealots to spew their anti-woman rhetoric. I hope you are able to maintain that control.

I find it curious, though, that those Conservatives feel that their misogyny is “free speech”–I consider it hate speech. I suppose that anyone can say whatever it is they wish to say, but I would not have thought the House of Commons the most appropriate place to let fly anti-woman sentiments. I expect more from the leaders of our country–for example, focusing on issues that are actually relevant to Canadians and not imposing their own brand of “morality” on us.

I also find it extremely ironic that muzzled MPs feel that their “right” to speak is “being trampled on”……much as a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body will be trampled on if these MPs have their way and deny women their right to choose to have an abortion. I am utterly amazed that these MPs fail to make that connection. Apparently, the trampling on of rights only matters if you are a (white male) Conservative MP. Astounding. Simply astounding.

Again, this “issue” has been decided and must not be re-opened for “debate”. There is nothing to debate.

Thank you again for your efforts. They are much appreciated.



2 comments on “Tory MPs feel their “freedom of speech” is being muzzled…..

  1. This is seriously comedy gold.

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