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Vegan “Purity”

One of the most common arguments against veganism that I have heard is that our very existence necessitates the death of some animals. And somehow this translates into, if we can’t avoid killing some of them, then we should not avoid killing any of them. The usual example given is that when plowing a field to plant a crop, people kill mice and other rodents, as well as insects.

This is true. That happens.

But people who argue this miss the point, which is that we should do the least harm possible. While it may not be possible to avoid killing some animals while plowing fields to plant crops for people to eat, it is possible to not kill billions of cows, pigs, chickens and other animals to eat; millions of animals for their fur and skin; millions of animals in “scientific” research; millions of unwanted companion animals languishing in shelters; and all the other animals we kill or use for convenience and pleasure.

There is no such thing as purity or perfection in veganism, and no one is denying that. But we can certainly do a lot better than we are doing now. By making a few small, easy changes in your life, you can save the lives of millions of animals.

Think about it. And go vegan.

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