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A few thoughts on “intelligence” and other species….

Humans are so arrogant. We are willing to extend empathy and compassion to those non-human animals who are most like us in terms of “intelligence” (e.g. dolphins, gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants) but we show contempt toward non-human animals who are not so much like us (e.g. frogs, squirrels, sheep). This is just so wrong. And what, […]

Respect my “personal choice”…..

I am tired of hearing non-vegans complain that vegans “shove their vegan beliefs” down non-vegans’ throats. Non-vegans always fall back on “It’s my personal choice to eat meat. I respect your choice not to eat animals, so you should respect my choice to eat them.” No, it ISN’T a “personal” goddamn choice. Your decision to […]

There is no room for racism in a social justice movement

I’ve been noticing lately that on Facebook, a lot of vegans post about animal use and abuse in Asia. They post about tiger fetus wine, the use of tiger penises in Asian “medicine”, bear bile farms, turtles and other small creatures in keychains, dolphin slaughter, Asian demand for ivory, Koreans boiling dogs alive and a […]

so, is this, like, New Atheism, or what?

Here is a summarized version of the “discussion” I had with Jory, which I previously blogged about. I had posted a picture on my Facebook page of a diseased piglet in a factory farm, to which Jory replied “mmmm…diseased face”. I took out some of the personal things that were not relevant to the discussion […]

Mice: the biggest losers with vegetarianism. Seriously?

I blogged not too long ago about the concept of vegan purity and how some people seem to think that veganism is ridiculous because while vegans are against killing animals, many animals are harmed in growing plants for us to eat.  My point was that in just being here, we are going to cause some harm to animals, […]

Another thought about bullying….

I wrote a little while ago about how someone accused a friend of mine on Facebook of being a bully when she giggled over a stupid Honey Boo-Boo meme.   It really bothers me that someone would accuse another person of being a bully because she laughed at a meme that pokes fun at a ridiculous child from […]

More on “balanced” journalism and veganism

I’d like to share an ongoing conversation I’ve been having with the editor of my local paper in regard to writing about animal rights for the paper. He’s a great, understanding guy and a good editor, so I have nothing against him at all. I just cannot do what he’s asking by positioning the views […]