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Another thought about bullying….

I wrote a little while ago about how someone accused a friend of mine on Facebook of being a bully when she giggled over a stupid Honey Boo-Boo meme.   It really bothers me that someone would accuse another person of being a bully because she laughed at a meme that pokes fun at a ridiculous child from television.  Is laughing at a meme really enough to make someone a bully?  And is that kind of accusation okay when it comes from someone who, day in and day out, gluts himself on products derived from bullying non-human animals?

  People who eat meat and dairy, wear leather and fur and suede and silk, go to zoos and circuses, hunt and fish and otherwise use and abuse animals are bullies. People who pay others to slaughter animals so that they can remain at a pleasant distance from the violence are bullies.  People who turn a blind eye to what animals suffer before they end up on people’s plates (but happily stuff body parts into their gaping maws) are bullies. 

Bullies are hypocrites.  The guy I am referring to got upset over someone poking fun at a human child from TV but doesn’t get upset over the fact that millions of bovine children are being separated from their mothers mere hours after birth and shipped off to live short, dismal, lonely lives in tiny, dark crates before being killed for “veal”. These children are suffering, as are the male avian children born as a result of the egg industry–these children are useless to the industry and disposed of cruelly after living only a few short moments.  Why is it okay to bully children of one species but not another?

I accused this guy of wallowing in smug self-righteousness–he thought he was doing humanity a great service by wagging his moral finger in my friend’s face over a stupid meme.  I think he should remove his head from his own rectum and open up his eyes to see that his consumption of animals and their secretions constitutes bullying in a major way.

I’d appreciate it, Diego, if you’d stop being such a hypocrite and start looking long and hard at the ways in which you, yourself, are a bully. Stop worrying so much about a silly meme and start focusing some compassion on those who truly deserve it.  Start practising what you preach and drop the hypocrisy.

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