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Respect my “personal choice”…..

I am tired of hearing non-vegans complain that vegans “shove their vegan beliefs” down non-vegans’ throats. Non-vegans always fall back on “It’s my personal choice to eat meat. I respect your choice not to eat animals, so you should respect my choice to eat them.”

No, it ISN’T a “personal” goddamn choice. Your decision to feast on flesh means another living being has to lose his or her life to satisfy your cravings. That takes it out of the realm of “personal”. They die so you can eat them–there is nothing really “personal” about that. No, personal choice is your favourite colour or whether you want to rent or own your home. THAT is personal choice, and to that you are entitled.

But your decision to eat animal flesh and secretions involves sentient beings suffering and dying so you can stuff your face, and that is something I will not respect. I don’t approve of your “choices”; I don’t respect your “choices”; I think you are making bad “choices” and I think you can do better.

So do it.

Go vegan.

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