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Cesar Milan is not so much a “Dog Whisperer” as a “Dog Abuser”

I loathe and despise Cesar Milan, the supposed “dog whisperer”. This man is not good at all for dogs. In fact, his asinine behaviours have likely resulted in more than a few undeserving dogs being labelled as “dangerous” and being put to sleep. He’s all about the spectacle and not at all about the actual […]

A random post, not vegan-related…..

I was in Banff one time to watch my husband’s band perform.  A friend and I were out on the dance floor, having a good time enjoying the music.  A man started to dance with my friend, who promptly gave him her best “fuck off” glare and, getting her point, he started trying to dance […]

Well, you’ll never get everyone to go vegan, so….

Many people seem to think that since the whole world won’t go vegan overnight, any efforts to eliminate factory farming and other anti-animal practices are futile. You’ll never get rid of it, they argue, so why bother even trying? How sad. It seems to me that this “if we can’t fix it all right now, […]