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Gary Francione speaks at FARM’s 2013 National Animal Rights Conference!

Professor Gary Francione, author of “Rain Without Thunder”, “Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog”, “The Animal Rights Debate”, “Eat Like You Care”, and other books, and Distinguished Professor of Law at Rutgers, was finally given the opportunity to speak at FARM’s 2013 National Animal Rights Conference. I would have given a LOT to be there, and apparently it would have been well worth it (like there’s any doubt–it’s Gary Francione, after all!) Here is a link to a description of Francione’s time at the conference: http://my-face-is-on-fire.blogspot.ca/2013/07/finally-abolitionist-animal-rights-at.html. There is a great discussion going on in the comments section of the blog entry, and it’s encouraging and heartening to see that abolitionist veganism is alive and well, and that people are really and truly understanding it and how to detect bullshit (ie, everything Bruce Friedrich, from Farm Sanctuary, said). Please, if you are a vegan or interested in veganism and animal rights, head on over to this blog and read this entry and the comments section. And go to Gary Francione’s web page, Abolitionist Approach, at http://www.abolitionistapproach.com and read his various essays. Also, his newest book, Eat Like You Care, is an ebook available at Amazon and is a well-written and easy to read book that lays out the immorality of eating animals so clearly that any idiot would be able to understand it!


One comment on “Gary Francione speaks at FARM’s 2013 National Animal Rights Conference!

  1. great post thanks for sharing it..

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