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On Pet “Ownership”

As an abolitionist vegan, I hope for a world where no animals are enslaved and kept as “pets”.  It is degrading, to them and to us.  Here is a link to a beautifully expressed essay on animals we forcibly keep as “companions”.  Please read it and consider what it’s saying. Advertisements

Veganism, unicorn-and-rainbow style

As a vegan, I’m trying to change how people think about non-human animals. We perceive them as property, as things that we can use however we want simply because we can. We are human, and they are not, and this somehow entitles us to have power over them and disregard all of their interests. To […]

stop calling me “militant”

I am starting to get tired of other people calling me “militant” for adhering to vegan principles.  I’m not a member of the Animal Liberation Front or PETA, I’m just a normal, average person who doesn’t think it’s cool to use animals for whatever I feel like just because I can.  It’s just that simple.  […]