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“Ahimsa” Milk: A Shining Example of How Welfarism FAILS

I was recently involved in an online discussion about honey after the “Vegan” Bros had made a post that basically said that advocating for veganism would be soooo much easier if we could just tell non-vegans that it’s okay to eat honey instead of just, you know, sticking to our principles and advocating against all […]

Ricky Gervais is not vegan and does not care about animals, so can vegans please stop promoting this guy?

Hello again, fellow vegans (and non-vegans who should be vegans). Ricky Gervais has been recently showing up in my social media feeds, blasting a young woman who kills giraffes and other animals for fun. Makes sense, right? I mean, killing animals for no reason at all is definitely a moral wrong, and we vegans need […]

Almonds aren’t the problem, people.

Here is a link to an article about how almonds take a gallon of water per nut to grow and that “Everyone consuming California almonds should recognize that right now, at the stage of drought that we’re in, they’re consuming a disproportionate amount of a state resource—that is, California water.” The article fails to […]