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7 Animals Ricky Gervais Doesn’t Care If You Kill

Someone on Facebook shared this little gem about Ricky Gervais’ hypocrisy: Toads, turkeys, pigs, cows, camels, chickens, and snakes, to summarize. Apparently, cruelty to animals is totally okay if it’s in a TV show. Thanks, Ricky, for showing us TRUE animal activism! Fuck this guy. Seriously. Just…fuck this guy. Advertisements

If you are not vegan, why are you upset over Cecil’s death? You do the same thing to other animals, so go vegan already

Here we go again. This time, some dentist killed a lion named Cecil and the social media world is calling for all sorts of creative (and disturbing) punishments. Unbelievable. This guy does nothing more than kill an animal for fun, which is what every single non-vegan does every day at every meal, and he’s labelled […]

The cult of the New Welfarist

Abolitionist vegans who read the works of Gary Francione are often accused of having a “cult” mentality. We are told that Francione is our “leader” and that we just “regurgitate” his words mindlessly. This makes me laugh. Gary Francione has spent over 30 years writing about animal rights and veganism. He pioneered the Abolitionist approach […]

Welfarism DOES NOT WORK.

As an Abolitionist vegan, I advocate for an end to the use of sentient, non-human animals as resources. I am part of a movement that is spreading a clear, coherent message that it is wrong to use animals for our convenience, pleasure or entertainment (which makes up 99.99% of our use of animals) and that […]

Fuck New Welfarists

If you are some misinformed New Welfarist who wants to defend Direct Action Everywhere or Ricky Gervais or any of that other bullshit, please don’t waste your (or my) time here. If, however, you realize how stupid New Welfarism is and want to learn that there is a way to actually HELP animals rather than […]

Chuckwagon driver says death of horse is like losing family member—-I call bullshit

Story from: ( Here we go again—it is Calgary Stampede time, complete with the utter idiocy that is rodeo. Chuckwagon racing is a rodeo event, and it has been controversial for a long time now. And with good reason—every year, horses are killed in this event. It’s an utterly stupid event that for some reason […]