If you are not vegan, why are you upset over Cecil’s death? You do the same thing to other animals, so go vegan already

Here we go again. This time, some dentist killed a lion named Cecil and the social media world is calling for all sorts of creative (and disturbing) punishments.


This guy does nothing more than kill an animal for fun, which is what every single non-vegan does every day at every meal, and he’s labelled a “psychopathic” killer. So, is it because he killed the lion himself that he’s a “psychopath”? Or is it because he did not eat Cecil’s dead body? Does eating the dead body make the needless killing okay?

To be clear, I am by no means defending what this guy did. Killing animals for fun is wrong. But so is killing them because they taste good, or their skin makes a fashion statement, or any other equally trivial reason we have for killing animals. We eat them, wear them and use them in all kinds of vile ways, when we have absolutely no need whatsoever to do so.

So why the outrage over Cecil’s death, and why is there not any outrage about the over 50 billion other animals who will be killed in just one year to satisfy people’s appetite for meat, dairy and eggs, things we do not need to survive? Why are we all getting upset over the death of one lion, who actually lived a pretty good life, not in a zoo or factory farm?

Cecil’s death is a tragedy, as was the death of Marius the giraffe. But their deaths are no more tragic than the deaths of other animals who die needlessly at the hands of humans every single day.

So here we go, onto another single issue campaign about an individual animal or a single species. And again, it’s about one single “evil, psychopathic” perpetrator who everyone wants to kill in revenge, failing to realize that we are all him. If we eat, wear or otherwise use animals, then we are all the dentist; we are all Michael Vick; we are all needlessly cruel to animals.

And again, raging over this single issue won’t create the necessary paradigm shift that will recognize animals as sentient beings who are entitled to our respect and entitled to live their lives free of being used as resources by humans. All it will do is get people outraged about this one act of violence toward this one individual, rather than helping them see the much larger picture, which is that what was done to Cecil is done to billions of other animals every second of every day for no justifiable reason.

I will keep plugging away doing vegan advocacy, posting this link on every comment I see about Cecil that does not have the message that all animals matter: http://veganismisnonviolence.com/2015/07/29/abolitionist-reflections-on-cecil-the-lion/

The Veganism is Nonviolence page is a great source of information about veganism. I encourage you to check it out, and please, share the link anytime you see outrage for Cecil in social media. It’s great that people care about this one lion, but they need to expand that moral concern to include all other sentient beings.


5 comments on “If you are not vegan, why are you upset over Cecil’s death? You do the same thing to other animals, so go vegan already

  1. Yup. I have a hard time really “caring” anymore about these things. My brain is so used to seeing murdered animals everywhere that I go, that I think it’s just shut off at this point. I care about all animals and I just can’t care “more” about a lion. I’m just not shocked anymore. And you can up your numbers: some estimates put it at over 70 billion animals a year. Not that it matters much, as humans can’t really quantify a number that large anyway. I’m so tired of non-vegans in general that I don’t even want to bother to explain things to them anymore. I only went vegan two years ago, but I. am. so. tired. I just want to slap people sometimes (always). !!!!

    • I share your pain. I’ve been vegan for around ten years, and I am just so sick of hearing the same inane arguments again and again and again. I don’t know how someone like Gary Francione can advocate for 35+ years and still just keep hearing the same stupid things over and over again and still manage to be as patient as he is.

  2. Great article my thoughts exactly thanks for sharing .Bhakti Yoga Shack

  3. I was looking through your archives to see if you had posted anything about the dog fairs in China that so many people are protesting. .. the same people who don’t mind that same kind of treatment towards cows, pigs, chickens…. I commented that I don’t have the heart to watch the video but that I would sign their petition …. but, I couldn’t leave without pointing out the obvious…. and damn, that was on facebook so they have my full name but fuck them and fuck them again…. Hey Kylie, have you seen any of the Adam Ruins Everything videos? Pretty cool…. You can find full episodes on youtube…. I just stumbled onto it yesterday.. he even ruined “going green” by pointing out that unless their walk to the store was fueled by energy derived from eating plants, instead of burgers, … well.. I’m sure you know where that ‘s going…
    Have a great day!

  4. I think I did post something about the Yulin dog festival, wondering why so many are enraged about that while scarfing burgers and milkshakes here at home. Ugh. Nope, I haven’t seen the Adam Ruins Everything videos but will check them out–thanks for sharing!!

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