A quick word about the “tone” of this blog

I have had a few people criticize me for my tone on this blog. This blog is where I come to post things that matter to me and that I feel need to be said. I am not a “spiritual” vegan so if you are looking for that sort of “gentle baby steps namaste” approach, you will not find it here, as I have stated in a previous post. If you start with attacks and insults, I see no reason to be particularly polite to you, though most days I actually do try. Other days, not so much. I guess it depends how much welfarist drivel I’ve encountered on any given day. If you display outstanding amounts of ignorance and an unwillingness to engage in reasoned discussion, I can’t be bothered to waste my time on you.

In short, I make no apologies for the “tone” of this blog. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

Not sure what else I can say about that.

5 comments on “A quick word about the “tone” of this blog

  1. Racist hatemonger and animal abusing hypocrite RIcky Gervais ignites a full scale racist attack on Chinese people. Read the comments here. He doesn’t do a thing to prevent such comments, does not delete them, and does not even tell his disgusting followers to stop writing like that. What an awful, sad bunch of people. I am really, really angry at this guy right now. The fact that Ricky Gervais does absolutely nothing to discourage the hate (which he could, as a public figure), makes him a hatemonger IMO.

    Is racism going mainstream? Look carefully at the posts that got the most thumbs up.

    As for the video. A whale shark, boo hoo. What does Ricky Gervais think his people and even many of his followers does to MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of fishes every day? What about the fish he eats that has been slowly choked to death in the nets?

  2. What is being done to that whale shark IS disgusting and morally reprehensible. But to be outraged over that and not about the same thing being done to billions of animals every year for no morally justifiable reason (“they taste good” is not a morally justifiable reason) is the absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy. If people are sickened by what was done to that whale shark–and they absolutely should be–then they should also be sickened by any other unnecessary use/killing of other animals.

    You are right about the racism too–for some reason, people like Gervais and his followers think their own behaviour is above reproach. It’s just mind-boggling.

  3. Every time I have to argue with a vegan-namaste-peace&love-hippy… God kills a kitten. Sooooooooooooooo, many dead kittens :/

  4. I am not a hypocrite because I do not believe in all-or-nothing thinking. Someone who cuts back on meat is doing at least some bit of good. Your foul language and name calling does not change the fact that some action is better than no action. Not everyone can drop everything and become vegan. Some people have health concerns. Some people have family members who won’t accept it. Not everyone who eats meat, dairy, etc., does so simply because it tastes good. Check your privilege, bitch.

    • Of course you believe in all or nothing thinking. Or do you think some rape and some child molestation are acceptable? Of course you don’t. No one does. But somehow, when the victims are not human, “all or nothing thinking” suddenly becomes a bad thing. Think about that for a bit.

      Yes, everyone can become vegan. There are no health concerns that preclude being vegan. For every such “concern” you name, there is someone somewhere with that “concern” who is vegan.

      Family members who won’t accept it? That only applies to children or anyone dependent.

      You say I use bad language and then call me a “bitch” (sexism! fun!), thereby proving that you are, indeed, a hypocrite. And an asshole.

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