Another post on vegan “purity”

As a vegan who thinks critically about various issues, I keep having others tell me that I had better be “perfect” myself before I “throw stones” at others from my “glass house”.

Here is why that is a bullshit thing to say.

No vegan has ever said that it is possible to be a “perfect” vegan and never harm a single animal throughout our entire existence. Yes, when vegans drive or take the bus, or hell, even walk, insects may be killed. Yes, some animals may be harmed or killed as we plow our fields to plant food for us to eat. And oh my god yes, I swat at mosquitos!

That is all true. No vegan is denying, or has denied, that.

So what? What is your point in saying this, nonvegans (or misguided vegans)?

There is no point. It’s a red herring, designed to derail any intelligent talk about veganism.

“Well, it’s impossible to ever be a ‘pure’ vegan, so I guess I’ll just either never even try to be vegan because if I can’t be pure why bother, or I’ll be a vegan but I will never, ever, ever dare to criticize the actions of another person because oh my god glass houses and stones.”

This is “pure” stupidity. I mean, what an idiotic argument.

There is a big, I mean HUGE, difference between accidentally harming some animals while trying to live, and intentionally bringing billions of sentient beings into existence for no other reason than to kill and eat them, needlessly. We do not need to eat—or wear, or otherwise use—animals. Do you understand that, nonvegans (or misguided vegans)?

There is a HUGE difference between hunting a sentient being for funsies and unavoidably having insects die on your windshield as you drive your car.

There is a HUGE difference between wearing leather or silk, wool, or down because fashion and inadvertently harming other beings while you harvest your crop of plants that will keep you fed.

There is a HUGE difference between using animals in rodeos, zoos, circuses, and aquariums to entertain humans and accidentally……..well, you get the point.  I hope.

Is that clear enough?

We DO need to eat to survive. So, we eat plants. Might some harm be caused while growing these plant crops for human consumption? Sure, it might. Although, I’d argue that as we shift the paradigm toward veganism, we’d come up with methods of growing and harvesting crops that minimize or eliminate harm to other species….but I digress.

We DO NOT need to eat animals, meaning there is no need for them to be brought into existence to suffer and end up on our plates. That is deliberate and unnecessary harm.

Can you see the difference?

If not, please refrain from posting here. If you can’t see the difference between those two things, you are not someone I can reason with and I do not wish to waste my time and energy on you.


10 comments on “Another post on vegan “purity”

  1. Hey, I relate to your frustrations. I definitely agree that there is a major difference between killing 2 billions animals every week (That are tortured no less) and

  2. accidentally killing insects and other things. I think the weirdest question I get is, “If we didn’t raise these animals for slaughter, then they would never have lived at all.”

    • Hey, thanks for the support! 🙂 Much appreciated. I get that “if we didn’t raise animals for slaughter, then they would never have lived at all” crap too. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Because it’s so much better to be brought into existence solely as someone’s property and to have your body used however your owner wants to use it and then face a terrifying death once they no longer have a use for your body. Yep, that’s better than never having been born at all, for sure! /sarcasm. The other really stupid argument I hear is “if we don’t slaughter the animals, they’ll take over and destroy natural populations.” I…..can’t even with that. Apparently these folks don’t understand basic economics–demand goes down and so, too, does supply. Yeesh.

  3. My problem is when people are like “I’m 99% vegan, I’m trying really hard but I ate meat last night..” like sorry, but you aren’t vegan. I’m happy that you do lots for animals, but please do not call yourself any part of a vegan if you still eat animal products on purpose!

    • Exactly. Honey is not vegan. Horseback riding is not vegan. Buying dogs from a breeder IS NOT VEGAN. It’s not a tough concept to understand. I really don’t understand why so many folks seem to struggle with it. Other than that they are speciesist, I guess.

  4. I understand your frustrations, as vegans you believe that is the ideal way of life. But in the meantime being so dismissive of other people’s efforts isn’t constructive nor does it acknowledge the benefits to animals, which is something that is obviously very important to you. People who only eat free range, or who have meat free days in order to reduce their consumption, still contribute to the better welfare of many farm animals and reduce the amount of animals being born to then be used for meat. Things are slowly changing and if that means less suffering and less animals used as a start point then that should be seen as a positive to move forward from. Being very critical of anyone who does not conform to your ideals, or agree to do so immediately, is not going to convert people and therefore you could be inadvertently giving them a negative view of vegans and veganism which is counter productive to your cause. I mean this post to be constructive and I hope you take it as such 😊

    • It is not an “ideal way of life”. It is a just way of life that takes into consideration the fact that non-humans are sentient and have the right to exist free of being exploited by humans. You seem to think that “humane” exploitation somehow benefits animals, and you are wrong. The “humane” meat and “humane, cage free” egg movement serve no other purpose than to make humans feel better about consuming animals (because gosh it’s so humaaaaaane) and so they consume MORE. That does not in any way, shape or form “benefit” animals, which is why people like me speak out against it. The “humane” movement has not resulted in “less suffering for animals”. In fact, it has resulted in the opposite–increased animal suffering. I am not being “very critical” of anyone who fails to “immediately” “conform to my ideals”. I am pointing out the inherent hypocrisy of those who claim to be “helping animals” while supporting “baby steps”, “Meatless Mondays”, “humane” exploitation and any other such garbage. If you don’t like it, tough. It’s not about your feelings–it’s about animals. You know what gives people a negative image of vegans? Those who call themselves vegan, or vegetarian, or “animal rights” people, but who continue to advocate for the ongoing exploitation of animals and who are actually increasing animal suffering by making non-vegans feel good about consuming animals. No. Just….no.

  5. Although I must say that to argue that speciesism isn’t valid or real is a bit ridiculous in itself, and I feel that you only say that in order to promote veganism, without truly thinking about what you are saying. It is a fact that there are differences between and different values placed upon various species, whether vegans like to admit that or not. Do you TRULY see NO difference between a human or a cat? A cat or a mouse? A mouse or a bee? A bee or a cockroach? A cockroach or a head louse? A head louse or a bacteria? If not then I worry about that. There is definitely a difference. Therefore speciesism exists. And if it doesn’t exist, how can you justify killing insects during crop harvest anymore than we can justify killing mammals? If you feel that strongly about veganism you should grow your own veg and stay indoors, and not take any medications, recieve any medical treatment, own any pets or wear any clothes, then you will be truly vegan, and have the position to chastise anyone who is not. Granted I am being extreme, but I’m only doing so to make a point. I don’t discount the efforts you are making, but you are not a perfect vegan therefore if you can’t live to your own extremes then you shouldn’t be so extreme in your views towards anyone who is not vegan, yet still trying to make a difference. It’s very closed minded

    • In terms of being sentient, a subject of a life, and valuing one’s own life and wanting it to continue, not end, then NO there is no difference between you and a cat. I don’t value your life–your life means nothing to me at all. But it means a whole hell of a lot to you. So does a cat’s life, to that cat. Speciesism is valid, and real, and if you would read once in a while, you’d know that. A bacteria is not sentient, so I don’t know what you are getting at there, other than trying to derail a conversation that makes you uncomfortable. As far as head lice, we have the right to defend ourselves when under attack, so yeah, I’m not going to insist that someone with head lice suffer with it. What kind of a stupid argument are you trying to make here? No one is saying “save the head lice”.
      And here we go with the “you vegans kill insects by growing crops”. Yup. It’s true that some insects, or other animals, may die when we harvest crops. However, as I have stated repeatedly, there is one big helluva difference between inadvertently harming some animals in the process of growing food we NEED for survival versus DELIBERATELY AND NEEDLESSLY bringing BILLIONS of sentient beings into existence FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THAT WE LIKE HOW THEIR FLESH (OR BODILY SECRETIONS) TASTE. If you cannot see that, then there is no reasoning with you, so please stop wasting my time by making me repeat things I have already stated on this blog if you’d bother to read before opening your mouth.
      I’m not “extreme”. There is nothing “extreme” about veganism. But you know what IS extreme? DELIBERATELY AND FOR NO REASON bringing sentient beings into existence to suffer and die for no reason other than that we can. THAT is extreme. If you can’t see that then you are so far beyond “closed minded” that I would like for you to not make a comment on this blog again.
      No one has ever once said vegans can be “perfect” whatever that even means, but you have got to be out of your goddamn mind if you are arguing against the fact that what we are doing now is unnecessary and wrong and should be stopped. Have a nice day.

      • “not wear any clothes”…….why are you saying that in order to be vegan, I can’t wear clothes? What does that even mean? I wear clothes, just not anything made of/with leather, suede, silk, down or wool. Or angora. Or anything else from an animal. It’s really not that hard to be both clothed and vegan. I think you need to read more.

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