More on how Ricky Gervais is harming the animal rights movement

Here is a link to a YouTube video that shows a debate between Abolitionist vegans and welfarists:

3 comments on “More on how Ricky Gervais is harming the animal rights movement

  1. The bottom line is, if you want X to happen, you advocate for X. You don’t advocate for baby steps and personal journeys–you advocate for veganism, End of story. And for anyone who wants to talk about how they went vegan, I don’t care. It can be done overnight–as it was with me–if we have people talking about veganism and advocating for veganism. As is mentioned in the debate, a person can be a vegetarian for half a lifetime before cluing in to the damage they are doing and the harm they are causing by continuing in their specieist behaviour–it’s not about “attacking” people; it’s about showing them how if we care about animals, vegetarianism simply is not good enough.

  2. I commented on your original Ricky blog many months ago (Terra) and am glad you are still writing scathing posts online. Keep up the great work and don’t waste your time and energy dealing with repetitive and babbling posters like in past posts. Life is too short and it raises the blood pressure to an unhealthy state!

    Cheers from 2 grumpy vegan travelers.

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