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Vegan Eating in New Orleans

I recently went on a short trip to New Orleans and was very pleased to be able to dine at a number of vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants.

I arrived in New Orleans in the evening, and after getting myself settled in my hotel on Canal Street, I headed out to Country Flame restaurant (www.countryflamerestaurant.com), which was about one or two blocks away from my hotel.  Country Flame is a very nice little place offering Latin American cuisine.  I ordered vegetarian fajitas with tostones (twice-fried plantain slices).  There was plenty of tasty food at a very reasonable price.  However, there aren’t a lot of vegan options, so I only ate here once.  Still, it was a good meal.

The next day, I took the St. Charles street car to the Garden District and wandered around looking at the amazing architecture of the enormous mansions there.  I worked up an appetite and headed over to Hi Volt Coffee (http://hivoltcoffee.com/), a wonderful little cafe at 1829 Sophie Wright Place.  I ordered the Super V sandwich, which consisted of cashew cheese, basil tomato, cucumber, sweet onion, lettuce, and chimichurri on baguette, and it was excellent!  I chased that with a vegan King Cake doughnut (complete with plastic baby as a garnish).  I highly recommend this place–it was one of my favourites on this trip!  It might not have an extensive vegan menu, but what is offered is very good.

I continued to wander and eventually ended up by Seed, an all-vegan restaurant in the Garden District (seedyourhealth.com).  Here I feasted on vegan gumbo–very tasty and a good portion–and beignets.  It was an excellent meal at a fair price, and I liked the interior of the restaurant.  It was great to eat in a place where I could order anything off the menu, and the menu had a good variety of food on offer.

My second day in New Orleans was spent touring Laura Plantation. I was very hungry after the tour and headed to the Green Goddess (www.greengoddessrestaurant.com) in Exchange Alley in the French Quarter.  Although it’s a tiny little place, it wasn’t busy when I was there so I was able to grab a seat. I had the Wasabi Lemongrass Tofu Musubi, which consisted of two grilled slices of local made lemongrass tofu brulléed with wasabi sugar over pressed Louisiana Purple rice wrapped with seaweed topped with pickled turnips, sweet soy, fried shallots, green onions, and sesame oil with mirliton slaw.  It was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.  They also offer one vegan dessert: it’s a bananas foster dish flanked with scoops of coconut sorbet, which was very tasty but also a very large portion (so be prepared to share with someone!)  There aren’t a lot of vegan menu items, but there are a few and if the one I had is any indication, they are delicious.

After I moved to the Hotel Royal for the final three nights of my trip, I dined at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen (www.lpkfrenchquarter.com) where I had a veganized Hunter’s Chicken pasta dish.  It consisted of angel hair pasta topped with vegan chicken in a rosemary marinara sauce.  It was a bit sweet and a lot delicious!  However, when I ordered it again on a different day, it was not the same–it was much, much spicier.  Different chef, I guess–it was kind of disappointing.  The first time I ate there, I also had a slice of vegan cheesecake.  It was great!  There was a slight peanut butter flavour and lots of chocolatey goodness, and it was a huge portion!  The next time I ate at the LPK, it was lunch and I had the black bean wrap and roasted red pepper soup (soup offerings change daily)–it was a generous portion and reasonably priced.  It was also very tasty!  There are several dishes that can be made vegan, and they are clearly marked on the menu, which was nice.

There were other restaurants/eateries that I wanted to try but didn’t get the chance to.  13 Monaghan on Frenchmen Street offers a BBQ po’boy I really wanted to try, and the Praline Connection has five different meatless dishes (variations of beans and rice).  Flora Gallery and Breads on Oak were two other places I had on my radar but didn’t get an opportunity to sample.  Oh, well, next time I guess   🙂

It’s nice to know there’s a vegan presence in New Orleans and that as a vegan traveller, there is somewhere in that city where I can sit down to a great vegan meal!




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