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Bomb-detection dog Grizz shot and killed in New Zealand

A bomb-detection dog named Grizz who got spooked at Auckland airport and took off was shot and killed after people spent three hours trying to catch him.

Here is a link to the article:  http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/uproar-as-bomb-detection-dog-grizz-shot-dead-on-tarmac-at-auckland-airport/ar-BByeuD6?li=AAggFp5&ocid=mailsignout

This has apparently sparked a big debate–why shoot and kill the dog?  Those who support Grizz’s murder say that human lives were at risk and after all, a whole three hours were spent trying to capture Grizz.

A whole three hours, folks.  That is all Grizz’s life was worth.  He was not even on the tarmac, interrupting human travel.  He was on the perimeter of the airport, where he was not putting any human at risk.

The article says Grizz delayed 16 flights.

OMG, 16 flights were delayed, obviously posing a huge inconvenience–sorry, “risk”–to humans.


One intelligent person asked why they didn’t use the three hours they spent chasing the terrified dog to go get a tranquilizer to shoot Grizz with.  That is an excellent question, one that no one bothers to answer.

The article shows very clearly how humans regard animals as mere things.  From using Grizz as a bomb-detector to begin with, to referring to him as “it” throughout the article–and showing social media posts from people who refer to Grizz as “it”–to stating that killing Grizz was a “gross mismanagement of resources” as bomb-detecting dogs “cost thousands of dollars to train”, the language reinforces our view of non-humans as objects.

Grizz should not have died.  We treat human criminals better than we treated this dog.  What was done to Grizz is despicable, and it shows how little we truly value the lives of non-humans, even those who are supposedly our “best friends”.

If you are upset by Grizz’s death, but you are not vegan, please consider why a dog’s life matters more to you than the lives of the animals you eat, wear, or otherwise use.  Please consider caring for ALL animals by going vegan.  Visit http://www.howdoigovegan.com or http://www.abolitionistapproach.com.



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