Canada geese murdered in Washington Park, corpses fed to homeless and children.

Wow. Here is a horrifying news story: “Canada Geese from Washington Park Made Into Meals for Homeless Shelters”


And it’s not just the homeless who get to dine on the corpses of these murdered animals. Their “meat” also went to rehabilitation and after school programs.

The article says the geese were “euthanized”—interesting, as I always thought that the substances used to “euthanize” animals made their “meat” unsafe for humans to eat. Not that it would make what people have done to these geese any better if they were “euthanized” but it really makes me wonder.

The article claims the geese were killed in efforts to manage the park’s wetlands.

How typical of humans to ignore any other possibility of “managing” wildlife and just killing animals instead.

This is a really despicable story that ruined my day. My heart bleeds for the innocent geese that lost their lives. It’s a tragic story but I am sure many will laud those who killed the geese for “not wasting” them.

It’s absolutely devastating to me how little value people place on animals’ lives. It’s humans who need to be managed, not geese. What a horrible story.


2 comments on “Canada geese murdered in Washington Park, corpses fed to homeless and children.

  1. It pisses me off that humans cause certain animals to overpopulate by messing up the ecosystem, then ‘solve’ the problem by killing them. It does nothing to address the root cause, and obviously it’s very cruel too.

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