Horrible People Keeping Tiger as Pet

I came across this gem this morning:


These horrible people, Michael Jamison and Jackie Smit, are keeping a Bengal tiger as a pet. The tiger’s name is Enzo.

The headline for the article reads, “He’s just a big pussycat”.

No, he’s a fucking tiger, and how is anyone even allowed to have a tiger as a pet? This is just…repulsive, on so many levels.

The article doesn’t say how they got the tiger, other than to say “they bought him as a nine-week-old cub”. Jesus, can tiger cubs even be away from their mothers at that age? And where the hell does one just buy a tiger?

Enzo’s “owners” also have 14 dogs and god only knows how many cats, and they posted a video on YouTube of Michael introducing kittens to Enzo! Like, who the hell puts baby kittens anywhere near a fucking tiger!?

Don’t get me wrong–I adore tigers and think they are enchanting. I also think they should not be forced to share a home with humans, particularly two humans as ridiculous as these two seem to be, because I just cannot see this ending well for anyone involved.

It seems to me that this tiger is a status symbol. And I am wondering how the hell they are going to live with him and not get injured. Did they have his claws removed?  Because no claws are visible in any of the pictures.

The best part is when they talk about how Enzo no longer fits into their yellow Lamborghini.


These people seem really full of self-importance and are obviously really, really wealthy. I would have been more impressed if these lunatics had donated their money generously to a big cat rescue/sanctuary if they care so much about tigers.

Obviously, they don’t care about tigers. Or anything but themselves.

Gross. And really disturbing, because this kind of crap just fuels the “exotic pet” trade, which is disgusting and reprehensible.

Thanks for ruining my day, Michael and Jackie. You are awful.

Also, if you are concerned about Enzo’s plight, living with these two dummies, please consider going vegan. All animals matter, including those you eat, wear, and use for entertainment. www.abolitionistapproach.com, www.howdoigovegan.com

ETA:  Michael Jamison purchased Enzo because he had always dreamed of owning a tiger and after his home was broken into twice, he wanted a tiger to deter burglars. If you are going to leave a comment defending this guy, please do not bother.  Nothing can defend someone buying a tiger to keep in their home as a burglar deterrent.  Nothing.


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  1. I imagine they had Enzo’s claws removed, which is reprehensible. Please research big cat sanctuaries to see the harm humans do to cats like Enzo to keep them as “pets”. It is awful. And go vegan!

  2. Enzo has all of his calls, as does their other tiger Diego. Try watching some of his YT videos and then judge him. The tigers are in excellent health and are very content. As are all his dogs and house cats. And his monkey. During the day, he runs a monkey kindergarten for neighboring monkeys – so none are left alone when their owners aren’t home. Enzo and Diego really seem to be enjoying their lives and their living area is constantly being improved on. They no longer live inside the house – because only a fool thinks a full grown tiger is a house pet. Their owner has a perfect disposition for owning animals and a large respect for the tigers and his other critters.

    • Actually, whether or not Enzo has his claws is irrelevant. He’s a tiger, and he’s being kept as a pet. I don’t see how you can say that the “owner” respects “his” tiger, when he is keeping the animal as a slave, for his own entertainment. This is not an animal sanctuary–these people are keeping these animals as “pets” for a lark. Tee hee, I have a tiger. Giggle. Look at me.

      Animals should not be kept as pets. While we do have a moral obligation to those animals who currently need homes–mainly I am talking about dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals typically considered “pets”, not tigers–we should not be breeding any more into existence. This guy got “his” tiger from a breeder of some kind. This wasn’t some kind of rescue, and as I said, he’s not running a big cat sanctuary. No, he supported tiger breeding by purchasing his “pet” tiger from some breeder who profits off breeding tigers for people to keeps as “pets”. So, no, that shit is not okay.

      You are apparently coming from the typical non-vegan mindset that animals are mere things people can own. They aren’t. But clearly you think they are, and you are coming here to defend that by telling me how amaze-balls this guy is. He’s not. He’s like every other person out there who thinks they have the right to own another sentient being, and he’s getting attention from the fact that he’s keeping exotics as “pets”. There is nothing okay about that. Please don’t tell me about how much he respects tigers–no, he doesn’t. If he actually did, he’d be fighting to conserve the species, not buying a cub from a breeder to raise as a “pet”.

      Have a great day.

      • “You are apparently coming from the typical non-vegan mindset that animals are mere things people can own. ”

        And you’re coming from the typical vegan mindset: Hey, look at me. I’m a vegan and this makes me better than you. I must let the world know that I’m a vegan every chance I get.

      • No, I am actually coming from the mindset that other sentient beings matter. Their lives matter to them. Like yours matters to you, even though you are literally nothing to me. You sure seem bitter and pissy about vegans, and that is just not my problem at all. Get lost, troll.

  3. First of all, the article is 5 years old. Enzo has lived in a big enclosure for quite a few years because their owners know that a house is not a place for a tiger to live. (Michael has expressed himself about how wrong he thinks was to keep Enzo in the house for such a long time). I ve been spending quite a lot of time these days watching his videos and I can tell you one thing for sure, this man has the greatest understanding about his animals and often points up that getting a tiger and having him in a property and especially breeding it it is not something you should do. He also had another tiger Ozzy which he took from a circus. That one unfortunately died due to some complications he had in his organs because of the circus. Also he has Diego now, who he is 2 yrs old if i remember correctly.
    The point is, I dont know how he got Enzo or Diego but what thing I can tell is that this man loves his animals (all of them), he respect his tigers and he has develope a special bond with them. He can understand every move they make and every feeling they have, they are not something he has to brug about, they have grown to be like his children. He was there for them in every sickness and was there all the time for Ozzy to help him even to poo. Those animals can not live in the wild anymore, first of all they are in S.Africa and there are not tigers in s. Africa, and those that are in wild in other countries are getting killed everyday by hunters or villagers. I don’t know where he got them but I can tell that this man is trying a lot to give them a happy life that they couldnt get

    P.s no, Enzo doesnt have his claws removed.

    • The point is, he’s keeping wild animals as pets. These animals are not in sanctuary. They are being kept for fun. Because he likes it. That is wrong. It is wrong on every level. Please don’t come here and tell me it’s okay. IT IS NOT. And don’t preach conservation–that is BS and we both know it. This man has NO RIGHT to keep these animals captive. NONE. Goodbye.

      • This comment here shows a typical example of how vegans are usually retarded.
        I applaud vegetarianism, but veganism is stupidity and pointless extremism. That said; it’s very unrelated to this shit, I just had to say it because you bring up veganism in every comment.
        The tigers are rescues that can’t be set out into the wild at all. They are born in captivity first of all and not indigenous to South Africa anyways.
        There are no safe sanctuaries in South Africa that has room for tigers which wouldn’t just sell them straight away to the canned hunting industry.
        Think before you write you fucking imbecile.

      • So, your only argument against me is that you think vegans are “retarded”.
        You think that in choosing not to exploit animals, vegans are “extreme”, with no justification for this assertion.
        And you are annoyed that as a vegan, writing on my personal vegan-related blog, I dare to use the word “vegan” in my responses to comments on this post.
        You also imply that I think/said that tigers should be released into the wild in South Africa and that I said/think the only tiger sanctuaries on the earth are in South Africa.

        And then YOU have the utter audacity to call ME a “fucking imbecile”.

        That is rich.

      • @ The Joyless Vegan:
        “The point is, he’s keeping wild animals as pets. These animals are not in sanctuary. They are being kept for fun. Because he likes it.”

        IMHO: Dearest, I love your heart for animals. I REALLY do! I can, clearly, see the perspective from which your passion flows. Yet, once a “wild” animal has been caged/kept by humans for any length of time (ESPECIALLY when they are < 1 yr old) these wild animales are immutably different from their "uncaged/kept" brethren. I have seven rescue animals (3 dogs & 4 cats) that I WISH could roam the land free…as their ancestors once did. However, I recognize that they COULD NOT survive wild & free…because those intinctive traits have been muted….
        Do I "like" my 'roomate-pack-of-four-legged-animals'? Of course it's fun! The MUTUAL-LOVE is both obvious & unconditional! I AM BLESSED to have such a gift as love from a "wild" animal. It's so pure.

        I do not have enough information on Jamison's history of how he became guardians of all the animals of which he has provided a sanctuary. However, the very definition of "sanctuary" is a place of refuge or safety. As far as I can surmise from his YT videos, Jamison provides this for all of his "two-and-four-legged-roomies".

        So…what's not to like?

        I guess the question I have for you is: If TAKING RESPONSIBILITY by 'owning' a DOMESTICATED ~ dog/cat/bird/fish/reptile ~ is okay with you — as long as they are not abused, killed & eaten — how do you determine which animals (humans are animals, too!) are considered, either "wild" OR "domestic"? Either ALL animals MUST take care of themselves "in their natural habitat", or you must agree that SOME are in need of complementive-care because of some event or trauma in the animal's history which MAY cause a POSSIBILITY where they could be a danger to themselves or others {humans}. Non-profit based "animal sanctuaries" are not immune to lack-of-fund-hardships…in spite of best intentions at the onset. Not all "wild" animals can be rescued/released to their natural habitat. Especially knowing that they could not/would not survive because they'd be considered 'outcasts' by their fellows!

        Is it better to ignore the VERY REAL possibility of suffering ("they're just animals, so let the strongest survive!") or try & do your best as a spiritually-generous human with what you manifest in life by taking responsibility to LOVE those that come into your life (whether two or four-legged)?

        Big hug to you for standing up for what you believe is true for you. Just a friendly reminder that EACH of us have our own experienced-based reality…which is just as true. ~ Namaste

        Our Criminal Justice System in the USA

      • “Dearest”–don’t call me that. It is incredibly condescending. We have never met, and I am not dear to you, so cut the crap. The rest of what follows is also incredibly condescending. I don’t need you to explain to me that these tigers can’t go back to “the wild”. Okay? So back the hell off.

        “what’s not to like”. I already said it. I don’t like that he is keeping tigers as pets. How much more clear can I be?

        No, it is NOT okay to own animals so long as “they are not abused, killed & eaten”. Jesus Christ. Animals are not property, which is the crux of this entire fucking blog, so thanks for missing that point completely. These tigers are being kept as pets. That is wrong. It is wrong because pets are property, and no sentient being should ever be property.

        If you’d bothered to read anything else on this blog, like say the entry on what I think about PET OWNERSHIP, you’d know exactly what I think of pets. Since you could not bother yourself, I’ll have to recap here.

        I am against owning animals as pets. Any animals. HOWEVER, human beings have done a very shitty thing with some animals by domesticating them. Dogs, cats, horses, cows–you get my drift? And to these animals, humans have the moral obligation of caring for them and not further exploiting them, but also not breeding any more into existence. So, we must take care of those who exist now, but not breed any more dogs, cats or other actually domesticated animals into existence. In an ideal future, there would be no more “pets”. Pet ownership, the very idea of it, would be abolished. Until we get there, however, we can’t just let dogs and cats and cows and pigs and chickens and other ACTUALLY domesticated animals run free because they can’t survive on their own. We’ve seen to that, as that is the very point of domestication. And if you cannot figure out that domestication is achieved through generations of breeding and therefore only applies to some species of animals–NOT INCLUDING TIGERS FFS– then I suggest you do some research into what domestication means/entails.

        Now, as this relates to tigers: As I have said a hundred goddam times on here, tigers are NOT DOMESTICATED animals. However, because humans are amazingly shitty, there are tigers being kept captive as pets and being exploited by assholes. Now, I am fully fucking AWARE that we can’t just release these captive animals into “the wild” as they’ve never been taught to actually fucking LIVE in “the wild” and NOT ONCE HAVE I EVEN ADVOCATED THAT so for the love of dog please stop insinuating/implying/outright stating that I ever said such a thing.

        Obviously, captive big cats can’t just be let go. NO SHIT.

        However, the fact that they cannot just be released into “the wild” DOES NOT mean that idiots like Michael Fucking Jamison should keep them in his house, sleeping in his bed, jumping up on his kitchen counter to be fed, and riding around in a car! Okay? Are you getting that?

        And you all need to stop creating a false dichotomy–there aren’t just two choices here: release the tigers into “the wild” where they will surely die, or be kept as pets by Mr. Jamison.

        There is ANOTHER OPTION. It is called SANCTUARY. And despite what some dipshits are saying on here, there actually ARE good sanctuaries for big cats. So, Jamison should do the right thing and surrender “his” tigers to sanctuary, and seeing as he’s so goddamned wealthy, he can pay for their care in sanctuary.

        This is all I am going to say on this, as I have said it already to the point where I feel exhausted from repeating myself.

        I don’t need your “big hugs” and condescension, or your “friendly reminders” that “EACH of us have our own experience-based reality” because that is just frankly a load of horseshit. Stop trying to justify unjustifiable things and taking a bullshit “Namaste” each on our own personal journey approach, because again, if you’d read ANYTHING else on this blog, you’d know just how much that stupid approach pisses me off.

      • And one last thing: because you seem to really struggle with the concept of sanctuary (Jamison is most certainly NOT providing sanctuary), below is a link to information on an actual quality big-cat sanctuary. Please read it and hopefully you will see there is a big difference between someone who uses and exploits tigers for funsies (Jamison) and someone who actually fucking cares about them (The Wildcat Sanctuary).


  4. what is wrong with people I think its great that these tigers are in a loving and safe place and a lot of tiger sanctuarys close because they cant afford to feed or care for them . Also you know those sanctuarys put the tigers on desplay to raise money ? I worked at a zoo and an animal sanctuary its one of the most horrible places that are in excistance a lot of the animals are always sick and under feed because they don’t have enough money to feed them . also zoos are really bad or did you not here about how they kill the animals because of having too much . It’s people like you that got Keiko the orca killed you know the one that was in the movie free willy will they freed him Keiko died in Taknes Bay, Norway while swimming in the fjords on December 12, 2003, at about 27 years of age. Pneumonia was determined as his probable cause of death. So tell me where in your fucking right mind is it right to take an animal who is been taken care of by humans and then stuck back into the wild and think it can live ? Also more and more animals die every year in the wild from sickness and loss of food and homes . One person taking in tigers and rasing them and caring for them the way the need to be is not bad at all you just have no idea about anything and want to rant because you think its the right thing to do . He is doing no diffrent then what a sanctuary would do but insted he doesn’t have people pay him to go and see the tigers he can take care of them and all there needs himself. and on the website http://thebigcatsanctuary.org/ for the big cat sanctuary they have it where you can stay the night in one of the areas to see the tigers in a logde so tell me how is that any better or you donate to “adopt ” that is sicking more then the guy you have problomes with . you can read everything about the Big cat sanctuary . This guy dosen’t need sponsors or people to come and see his tigers he pays for it all himself . So tell me who is actuly better a place that charges people and tells them hey if you pay this you can sit inside a house and eat your food and watch tigers and you can also stay the night also if you dont give us donations or “adopt” we wont be able to care for our animals anymore . Or a guy who says hi to his tigers and posts some videos about there daily life but never needing money to care for them because he can do it all him self and make sure they always have what they need and never going with out. Please think about that before you make things about how bad this person is .

    • OK, I never said to chuck the tiger back into “the wild”, you jerk. Yes, he IS doing something a LOT different than a sanctuary would do–he BOUGHT THE TIGER TO KEEP AS A PET and to get Internet Likes. My whole point is that people like this douche bag FUEL THE EXOTIC ANIMAL TRADE. OK? Do you understand that? As long as people like him pay money for tiger cubs, PEOPLE WILL TAKE THESE ANIMALS FROM THEIR MOTHERS AND THEIR HOMES TO SELL TO PEOPLE AS PETS. Am I getting through to you?

      • Joyless Vegan: I suggest you do your own research by reading the following links before you write another word in defense of your self-righteous rants, OR wildcatsanctuary dot org:



      • First, as I have already said, I HAVE DONE MY RESEARCH. The shit you are slinging in that link about the sanctuary happened in 2014, and I can’t find anything actually indicating that the person accused was convicted. From what I can tell, there was sloppiness which could have been her spending funds that should have been going to the cats, but I can’t see anything confirmed, just allegations, and the sanctuary has since been restructured to prevent that from happening again.

        Also, while that certainly casts the Director of the sanctuary in a shitty light, the cats were not being mistreated or abused, by the sounds of it. While the funds should most certainly all have gone to their care, they do not appear to have suffered due to the organization’s struggles.

        And how dare you accuse me of narcissism? “Narcissistic rage can be defined as intense anger, aggression, or passive-aggression when a narcissist experiences a setback or disappointment, which shatters his (or her) illusions of grandiosity, entitlement, and superiority, and triggers inner inadequacy, shame, and vulnerability.” Are you serious?

        So, writing a blog post about people who keep tigers as pets and denouncing their behaviour using solid reasons makes me a narcissist? Okay then.

  5. Joyless Vegan, I respect your opinion, however, if you follow closely what Mr Jamison says in his videos, he has developed a deep understanding of what makes tigers tick, and I have never known any person with such empathy towards all of his animals. Neither tiger has been de-clawed, they are extemely happy and very well taken care of.You use the term, ‘horrible people’, do you know Mr Jamison personally,? Or is it just an excuse for a rant?

    • It’s not a “rant”. I think it is perfectly reasonable to say that human beings should not “own” tigers. This man went out and bought a tiger cub who was deliberately bred into existence to be someone’s “pet” or who was taken from his mother and his natural habitat. Either way, it is reprehensible. If you would have taken a little time to actually read the stuff I post on my blog instead of simply reacting, you’d see that I am against human ownership of animals. While I acknowledge that there are animals who exist right now who need homes and humans to take care of them, I am absolutely against breeding animals into existence for people to eat, wear, or use for entertainment.

      Whether the tiger has claws or not is really not the point–I only asked the question because I have seen many big cats in sanctuary who were formerly “pets” and they all had their claws removed and their feet were mutilated in the process to the point where they could barely walk.

      The point is, humans have no right to breed animals for pets. Animals like tigers are big, need a lot of space, are solitary by nature and can wander many kilometers in a day. This man has taken a beautiful wild animal and reduced him to nothing more than a thing he keeps around for fun. It’s disgusting and morally reprehensible. But you all think it’s so gosh darn cute and he just really “gets” his tiger so it’s totes fine that he bought this animal to keep as a pet. You are wrong, and you are part of the problem. Now get off my blog until you have something worthwhile to say.


  6. These are the kind of people who keep birds in cage! And justify how wonderful there life is

  7. Okay listen here joyless vegan what a good user name by the way you must love life?…….. he is looking after the tigers if they where in bad health or bring treated poorly they would be taken away? Just because you think it’s bad doesn’t mean it is the tigers help get rid of food that can’t be sold instead of going to waste I think you should watch his videos before you give an opinion to people because it’s one sided and I see you have a picture of a dog is it yours because if it is you are being contradictive. Oh and another point what happens to a tiger cub who’s mother has been murdered? That tiger cub will die one it’s own…? That’s too sad too think of but it happens, so when you look at enzo and Diego they are doing really well so what if he bought them you don’t know the back story of what happened…. they might of been ophans or they could have been sold to some one who would have been horrible to them and hurt them then yes i would be on your side but no harm is coming to those tigers at all so get off your fucking high horse shut up and keep your opinions to your self or dm your vegan friends and have a dissusion on the matter. Yes things in this word could be woo much better and yes there are people out there that but exotic pets and do not know how to care for them so go after them not the one who is looking after the tigers feeding them and making them happy if those tigers weren’t happy don’t you think something would have happened by now. So please don’t hate on someone who shows these tigers a lot of love and respect and has shown a different side to them.


    • If he was simply taking care of them rather than flaunting them all over social media to get attention, I might be persuaded to agree with you. And no, my living with two rescue dogs is not “contradictive”. Dogs are domesticated animals who cannot exist on their own without human assistance. Tigers can, and that is a big difference and you damn well know it. So take your own advice and shut up.

      Tigers should not be forced to live in houses with humans. This guy takes the tigers for rides in his Lambo, which is just inane and proves he only has tigers for attention.

      People who actually give a single shit about tigers don’t keep them as pets. You know what they do? They work towards conservation. They support big cat sanctuaries. They fight to keep tigers in their natural habitats, and they fight to keep those habitats intact. And honestly, anyone who gives a shit about any animals, tigers included, becomes vegan.

      But this guy? Nah, he rides around with his pet tiger in his Lambo, rolls around on the bed with him, and giggles about how the tiger is really just a big kitty cat–look, the tiger is on the counter! Isn’t that totes cute? Like my video!

      If you can’t see that this guy is exploiting tigers for Internet likes and attention–well, whatever, I am done talking to you. Get lost.

      • Hey excuse me, I think you should get all your facts right first before you fucking accuse people wrongly. He started his youtube channel as a way for him to look back on these memories when he gets older and reminisce about the good ole days. He didnt buy/adopt tigers with the intention of getting the fame and $$. He doesn’t have to. He’s rich enough. I know Diego was a rescue tiger so don’t go about saying he bought it from a breeding facility.

        Oh, and if he was just doing it for the internet fame, he would have bought a few more baby tigers isnt that right? The more the merrier and more internet fame. But no, he didn’t.

        So just get your facts right before you screech your head off here.

      • First, take your attitude and shove it. Second, if he wanted “memories to look back on”, did he really need to make a public YouTube channel? No, he didn’t. I like keeping memories, too. Know how I do it? Taking pictures or little videos and keeping them privately. And scrapbooking. And other private stuff. Please don’t swagger onto my blog, say dumb shit like this to me, and then have the utter audacity to tell me I’m “screeching”.

        The only one screeching here is YOU, jackass. Now kindly eff off. Seriously. Don’t comment here again.

      • Also, get YOUR facts straight, asshole. I never said he bought the tiger from a breeding facility. Reading comprehension, bro, give it a try.

  8. Joyless Vegan – I see you are very passionate about this topic, but the well being of these tigers are secondary to yours. How can someone have so much hate within them to speak this way about and to people they don’t even know? Or is it the anonymity of your internet handle that is giving you this courage? IMHO, I hope it is because otherwise you must be so incredibly sad and hateful inside. Your stand point is all about saving living creatures, humans are also living beings worthy of kindness and saving, and so are you. Please, include yourself in your crusade. I hope one day you will become the Joyful Vegan.

    • Sigh, here we go again. Yes, I am sad and hateful because when people attack me, I defend myself and what I am saying. Yes, what an awful person I must be.

      Yes, I agree that the well-being of the tigers is secondary to mine. What is your point? Seriously–what point are you trying to make here? I don’t need to know these people to know that it is wrong to keep tigers as “pets”. It is demeaning to animals to be kept as property, and it CERTAINLY is not in these tigers’ best interests to be kept as a rich person’s plaything.

      Think what you like about me–I literally do not care. You are some rando internet person, so your opinion matters not at all.

    • Couldn’t have said it better! Don’t know if it’s used much anymore (I’m old-school), but back in the day, when internet writers wanted to hug/show love to someone, it was typed like this: {{{{{Someone}}}}}. So,here it is:

      {{{{{The Joyless Vegan}}}}} I don’t have to “know” you for you to be dear to me, OR to whom I say “Namaste”. Your anger/fear is palpable.

      You are loved…whether or not that’s okay with you “is not my problem”. It’s still a problem. A problem because it reverberates fear & completely eclipses your entire blog.


      • Oh my god seriously? You need to stop with the condescending crap. I am not dear to you, I don’t want your love and/or hugs, and I am neither angry nor afraid. What I am is an advocate for justice for non-humans. I don’t need the garbage you are spewing, and I am asking you now, politely, to stop leaving such inane comments. Any further such comments from you will not be approved or posted here. I don’t like people with attitudes like yours. It’s kind of creepy and really annoying, and not part of any sort of intelligent discussion on the matters at hand.

        Good day.

  9. You know nothing of Michael or Jackie if you watched ANY of their videos on youtube you’d know that they have the kindest, purest and most beautiful hearts and souls I’ve ever witnessed and I can only aspire to be as kind and as loving as them. They’ve SAVED most of their animals from the streets and run a daycare for monkeys. They go above and beyond to be amazing people and have been through a lot. Shame on you for spreading hate on something you know nothing about.

    • Sorry, I cannot agree that people with kind, pure, beautiful hearts and souls keep exotic animals as pets. It’s great that they have a monkey daycare, but for me the more pressing issue is, why the hell is anyone keeping a monkey as a pet? Monkeys are not pets. Monkeys are wild animals, who belong in their native habitat and not as a plaything for a human.

      How are you people not understanding this? Say it with me, folks: TIGERS ARE NOT PETS. MONKEYS ARE NOT PETS.

      Leopards, lions, cheetahs, tigers, rhinos, elephants, monkeys, otters, manatees, zebras, dolphins–NONE OF THESE ANIMALS ARE PETS. No one should be keeping them as pets.


      So I am sure Michael and Jackie treat these poor tigers and monkeys very kindly, and I don’t think I ever said anywhere they are abusing them. However, that does not negate the fact that TIGERS ARE NOT PETS. They should not be kept as playthings by humans.

      If these people really legitimately cared about these animals, they would let them live their lives as close to naturally as possible, ie, the tigers would be in sanctuary. These tigers are not in sanctuary. They are being kept as pets. And so are the monkeys. And this is wrong.

      If you can’t see that, and instead keep leaping to the defense of those who keep exotic animals as pets because they treat the animals nicely, then you are missing a very fundamental point I am trying to make. Or being deliberately obtuse, whichever.

  10. If you actually took the time to do research, you’d understand that he is doing the absolute best he can by the tigers. He has owned 3 tigers: Enzo, then Ozzy (who passed away due to health complications from the circus Michael rescued him from), and finally Diego.

    He has explained in multiple videos that he did not buy ANY of his tigers for a breeder, and he actually advocates against owning tigers as pets, citing all kinds of reasons: the danger, the space requirement, the large food bill, etc.

    ALL of his tigers are rescues born in captivity. The day he brought Enzo home, he had no idea he was even going to own a tiger– he got a call, asking if he could take him in, and so he did. He brought Enzo home as a cub and did as much research as he could to give Enzo the best life possible. Enzo lived in the house for many years, but Michael started working on converting his own huge backyard into a sanctuary for Enzo to live in once he passed a certain weight marker. As I’ve said, Ozzy was rescued from a circus. And then Diego was a similar situation to Enzo: a surprise call turned into a rescue. Diego also lived in the house when he was young, but moved out to the sanctuary with Enzo when he got older.

    Even when living in the house, he has a very large open floor plan where the tigers were free to go inside and out to the backyard as they pleased. They were raised alongside the other dogs and cats so that they wouldn’t be aggressive to them as they got older. Now, they have their huge tiger sanctuary, with both indoor and outdoor areas they can go in whenever they like. They’re kept behind a fence to keep the other animals from bothering the tigers, but the reason he holds animals up for the tigers to smell is to SHOW everyone that the animals are in no danger; the tigers are separated by a fence, and have no interest in the small animals.

    These tigers CANNOT live in the wild. Michael has explained that in South Africa, tigers are not native, so there is no “wild” for them to go live in. Even if there was, these tigers were born in captivity, all in less-than-desirable conditions, and will never be able to survive on their own without human care. If it could be an option for them, Michael wouldn’t think twice before offering the tigers that choice: he loves those tigers more than anything. And the tigers love him too. He never goes in with the tigers unless he absolutely has to, but on the few occasions he’s had to, they don’t try to harm him at all, nor escape. He spends lots of time with them each day, and they communicate with him in ways that indicate they accept him as one of their own– another tiger. They whine to wake him up sometimes just because they want to see him, and they come up to the fence to sniff him through it and rub up against it in an attempt to mark him with their scent. In fact, when both his pool and the tigers’ pool were broken earlier this year, his FIRST priority was fixing the tigers’ pool, before his own. He’s also tried on numerous occasions to buy the empty field next to his house, in hopes of expanding his tiger sanctuary to make it EVEN BIGGER so they can go wherever they choose! He hasn’t given up on it yet, even though they have plenty of room and much more living space than tigers in most decent-exhibit-sized zoos.

    Michael shares his life with his tigers online, literally saying it’s so that nobody feels the need to go buy tigers of their own: they can enjoy watching his, who are very happy and healthy. He clearly has plenty of money, and I find it very admirable that he uses it to rescue as many animals as possible (the majority of his cats, dogs, etc. are all rescues as well). His animals love him, are well fed, taken care of, and have the run of his house. He’s got beautiful furniture, but many of the pieces have bite and scratch marks on them, which he doesn’t mind because they’re marks made by his animals family 🙂 He does donate plenty to saving animals, as well as helping struggling people in various countries get on their feet and start their own businesses.

    Before you start judging someone, do some research and learn what they’re actually doing in their lives. Michael has nothing but pure intentions, and his animals are doing fantastic.

    • I found this online, from 2011:

      Jamison told Talk Radio 702 that he acquired the now 32kg tiger cub, named Enzo, to beef up security at his home after it had been burgled twice. According to Jamison, he now feels much safer, and guarded, with the tiger at the foot of his bed.

      And this:

      He has always dreamed of owning a tiger but finally took the plunge and got Enzo after he was targeted twice by armed robbers.

      Sorry, but I stand by my original assertion. You can say what you want about how much he “loves” tigers, etc. but it’s pretty clear to me that’s not exactly the case. Sure, he takes good care of his possessions–why wouldn’t he? They are his status symbols and they get him attention–he probably takes great care of his Lambo too but that does not really mean anything.

      Please don’t come on here and lecture me. I have DONE my research, and this guy has no business owning tigers.

  11. I see others repeat things like “demeaning to keep animals as property.”

    But what if they ‘want’ to be our property? What if what makes them happy and content is knowing we are there for them? There has always been a you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours relationship when it comes to say dogs, right from the moment we hunted alongside wolves.

    As for the tigers in a perfect world they wouldn’t be readily available for a regular Joe to buy. We don’t live in that world and there is literally nothing that can ever be done to stop them from being sold. I’d like to see the ones that do at least go to someone knowledgeable and financially able to support them. This guy whether you can accept it or not seems to know what he’s doing in handling them and caring for them. They have more room and look better than some I have seen in ‘sanctuaries.’ I noticed he had a bunch of other cats and dogs, to me that doesn’t scream “lol look at me im rich.” He’d just have the tigers, some lions and giraffes or some shit. But he has some regular animals you’d find at a shelter, so to me it seems like he does genuinely have a passion for and care about animals.

    I don’t think he’s horrible. Bit of a stretch. Unaware how damaging the exotic pet trade can be possibly, as many people are. Maybe look at the brightside and that he has rescued one tiger, and could possibly further use his experience to help others (He has already done more for tigers than you or I have if we are honest here). fyi there’d be hardly any backlash comments if you just addressed the issue and not talk about the guy like he was the devil. Problem with you lot is you take one step forward then two steps back with your attitudes and constant pushing of veganism.

    • Seriously? Like black people “wanted” to be the property of whites, right? I mean, the whites took care of them, right?
      This is not an intelligent comment to make. Sorry pal.
      Animals do not “want” to be property. Animals do not want to be owned.
      “Pushing veganism”. Riiight. There are 56 billion sentient beings needlessly killed every single year, and you are pissing on me for “pushing veganism”.
      Get lost, troll.

      • How do you know what animals want and don’t want ? Have you read their minds ? 🙂 Also, how does comparing slavery to having a tiger make any sense ? They had slaves to exploit them. I don’t see this guy exploiting his tigers.

        You have a very rigid mentality. Not everything is black and white.

      • I could ask you the exact same question–how do YOU know what they want? Me, I tend to err on the side of caution. I am going to assume that if I don’t want to be someone else’s property, then the tigers won’t either.

        I am not “comparing slavery to a tiger”. Jesus. What does that even mean? I am comparing the ownership of sentient beings, ie slavery.

        “I don’t see this guy exploiting his tigers”. Well, owning another sentient being is inherently exploiting them, but clearly that is beyond your meagre understanding. He’s using them to get attention and as status symbols. That qualifies as exploitation.

        I am not the one with a “rigid mentality”.

        When it comes to animal exploitation, yes, everything is black and white. Not sure why you cannot see or understand that.

  12. You should do your research before making accusations and labeling people. Michael has kept a YouTube documenting the tigers he owns and they are in no way endangered. They are treated much better than zoo animals. The man is very compassionate towards all types of animals, he even removes lizards from his pool area so that they don’t get hurt. You must be a liberal or millennia child that has nothing real to complain about.

    • I did my research. He got Enzo as a security measure because his home was broken into. That is not a reason to keep a tiger in your home. Say what you like about this guy loves his tigers, but when you love someone, you DO NOT keep them enslaved to guard your home.

      “You must be a liberal or millennia child that has nothing real to complain about.”

      Seriously? That is a very stupid comment, and FYI, it’s “milennial”, not “millennia child”. Grow up.

      • What the hell kinda bullcrap is this, huh? Shouldn’t you be just happy at the fact that these gorgeous and sacred animals are safe, happy, and healthy. Isn’t that all that matters? In this day and age, everyone wants to poach and kill these animals for greed. I have watched Michael’s videos for years & Enzo and Diego are very loved and taken care of, along with the rest of the furry family. Ozzy, rest his sweet soul, loved Michael so very much and it broke everyone’s heart when he passed, but he had such an amazing life with Michael and his family. I don’t give a flying ef what you think is right or wrong, because you clearly have no idea what this man does to make sure they’re content and happy. Hell, he lets the boys gently chew on him all the time cuz it makes them happy. So, instead of spreading your unnecessary hate, you should maybe take a step back and look at the bigger picture. These amazing beings are safe, cared for PROPERLY, and so very loved. That should be all that matters.

      • I am so sick of people like you wandering on here, not reading a single thing I say, and then attacking me.

        Shut the fuck up for one second and LISTEN.

        These tigers are his property. Okay?

        He may treat them well, but that isn’t the point. At any time, he could decide not to treat them as well and it would not matter because they are his property.

        I don’t give a shit that he’s bonded with them or whatever, they are tigers and they should not be used to deter burglars.

        Tigers’ lives have inherent worth, to the tiger. That is, their lives have worth regardless of their value, or lack thereof, to us. They have the right, as sentient beings, to not be kept and used as property of humans.

        The idea that keeping sentient beings as property is okay so long as we treat them well is welfarist bullshit and will not be tolerated on this blog.

        How we treat them is not the issue. The issue is that we are using them at all, for palate pleasure (eating them), for entertainment (circuses, zoos, rodeos, etc.) or convenience.

        We have no need to keep tigers as pets. We have no need to eat or wear animals or keep them as ‘pets’.

        OK? Are you getting this?

        So, no, that he cares for them “PROPERLY”, whatever the fuck that even means, is NOT “all that matters”.

        What matters is that his tigers are being kept as property, and he has all the rights and they have none. Their well-being depends on him deciding not to be an asshole, and that is a pretty tenuous position for these tigers, or any other animals, to be in.

        It is utterly appalling that I have to explain to you how it is not a good thing that a human is keeping tigers as a security system/pets.

        It is even more appalling that after I clearly explain why and how it’s a problem, you fucking argue with me.

        If this is the only type of response you are capable of, don’t comment here again please.


      • Heres an option you pathetic piece of shit waste of space human garbage, if you don’t like him having tigers, go to his door and tell him yourself, instead of being a keyboard warrior and spreading slander on a guy you know from a couple articles online, just shut the fuck up you inbred human garbage, and do some research before you open your bacteria infested mouth.

  13. No they didn’t have his claws removed. If you actually tried to read articles about it you would learn that, he does get scratched from time to time. Honestly you ruined my day, with you’re hate filled article. Why can’t people try to spread more good. You self righteous ass, have a great day, and may god be with you.

    • You could try reading my blog entries, and then you’d learn something too, like that the point of my blogging about this was not about the claws but about the fact that these people are keeping tigers as pets, which is immoral.

      Reading comprehension yo.

      Honestly, this stupid comment ruined MY day, so thanks for that you self-righteous–and pompous–moron.

  14. You do realize that Michael saved the tigers from previous owners neglect? And a tiger is taken from its habitat at a young age it can never be released back because it is not strong enough like its wild counterparts (unless it was a rehabilitation reserve. How about instead of slandering a persons name (yeah you’re not giving your opinion, your trying to ruin this guys name and image) you do a little research oh him. You are a pathetic human being and I hope someone does something horrific to you.

    • Wow. I write an opinion on my personal blog, and you come here and say “I hope someone does something horrific to you.”

      You are a disgusting piece of trash. Do not come here again and threaten me, you waste of skin.

  15. This article is pretty old, but as others have stated, the owner of the tigers rescued them from other neglectful animals, and as his YT channel states, he does *not* advocate for big cat breeding, doesn’t take part in it, and has just come across the animals as a method of saving their lives. Like any animal, once its domesticated, it can’t really be put back into the wild, so if he took care of the tigers even for a small amount of time, it’s best that he just keep them.

    He’s constantly improving and expanding the land his home is on so the tigers have maximum room to move about and explore. The article you’re referencing is from 2012 and doesn’t really paint him in a great way, I’ll admit, but just by watching his videos and doing any other amount of research, it’s obvious there’s no malicious or “status symbol” intent behind it. He just really loves animals

    • OK, but he publicly stated he purchased his first tiger as a burglar deterrent, so….not really a “rescue” there, sorry.
      The tigers are not domesticated. Keeping a wild animal in your home is not the equivalent of domestication. Hence my use of the term enslavement.
      And if you can’t see that these animals are a status symbol, along with the yellow Lambo and the ostentatious home, well…whatevs. I completely disagree with you.

      • he’s had three tigers, iirc, and two of them have been rescues, with one of them having been found with severely broken bones in his legs/pelvis and michael literally helping to nurse it back to health. from what he’s said, the two tigers he’s rescued he grabbed from people who were breeding the cats into captivity for other forms of torture. those kind of animals are domesticated and literally cannot be put back out into the wild, because they’ll just die. it’s like if you have a turtle or some sort of other “exotic” pet, once they get used to life outside the wild, putting them back in will likely just kill them.

        i’m sure it’s certainly a bragging point that the man owns two tigers, but considering the context around it (that he rescued two and continues to expand the land on his house so they’re happy), this isn’t a situation of “the man just buys and breeds cats and mistreats them” like you originally tried to paint it as.

      • I never said he breeds them. I never said he mistreats them, so stop putting words in my mouth, please. Thanks.
        As I have already said, he purchased his first tiger as a deterrent for burglars. That doesn’t scream “I love tigers” to me; that screams “I’m an asshole who thinks a tiger should protect my stuff for me.” And I don’t think that I am outlandish in that.
        I never said he can “put them back in the wild”. Jesus H. Christ, where are you getting this?
        What I actually said is that tigers aren’t pets. And they should not be kept as such.
        There is a very disturbing trend that has been going on for some time now of humans keeping animals like tigers, otters, sugar gliders, and a multitude of other animals as “pets”. These animals should not be forced to live with humans in their homes.
        I am all for wildlife rehab and releasing when possible, or keeping in sanctuary when not.
        What I am NOT okay with is saying you “rescued” an animal and then keeping it in the house with you and treating that animal like a novelty, posting all over the internet about it like you are some kind of hero for enslaving a wild animal.
        Agree with me or don’t. I don’t actually give a single shit. But don’t you dare come onto my blog and start putting words in my mouth and talking down to me like I am stupid.
        I will thank you for refraining from leaving any more comments.

      • “The tigers are not domesticated.”

        this is something you literally said. this is also false in a sense, because any tiger that lives in a house long enough becomes domesticated to a point. what i meant by that was that, even if michael wanted to, releasing the tigers he has is just not a feasible option anymore. i agree with you that owning certain exotic animals shouldnt be something humans try to do, but my question would be, if he has the room and opportunity to rescue a tiger from certain death, and wants to do it, what should he do? should he just let it die, or allow it to come into his home and live a (generally) fine life?

        as i said, two of the tigers have been rescues, meaning that *two* of the tigers would have literally died had he not intervened. i understand your initial point, but not sure what he should have done otherwise. just let ’em die?

    • Tigers are not domesticated animals. Words mean things. These tigers are forced to live with this guy but that is not domestication, which involves generations of breeding. You don’t just pluck an animal out of its habitat, stuff it in your house and say “There we go! All domesticated!” So, no, they are NOT domesticated. You speak as though the only alternatives were for him to keep the tigers as pets or let them die. However, there are animal sanctuaries, where non-domesticated animals can live out their lives as close to naturally as possible and not be pets crammed into Lamborghinis and paraded about as status symbols. You cannot “love” tigers and keep them as pets. Sorry.

  16. Lol retarded vegan opens his mouth and utters crap.

  17. Too funny that you choose NOT TO APPROVE replies (for posting) that directly shed light on your own incompetence as a human being.



    I’m blocking your wordpress site, but will refer to you in my own blogs. You are the perfect example of an “internet troll”:


    I’d just never actually ran across someone like you before~until I did. Damn…I HAVE BEEN BLESSED!!! I’ve allowed you to suck enough blood-energy from me…these last several hours. Only because I couldn’t understand your rage. Until I did. You’re still loved, as I “love” all animals. In fact, I’m kind of a hermetic animal-lover, and don’t have much use for humans…although I recognize your pain. But, you sure ain’t easy to like.

  18. Oh my god shut up you idiot. I’m not a narcissist, but judging by your posts on here, you certainly are. Get lost.

  19. Wow. First of all, the reason people misinterpret you and “put words in your mouth” is because of the inflammatory way you speak. That easily leads to misunderstanding.

    Second of all: oh, honey. Bless your heart. I can’t imagine being as hate-filled as you.
    I agree that he may not have originally gone about it the right way, but the way he treats them now is perfectly fine, even up to sanctuary standards in my opinion, especially for South Africa.

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for information on how Ozzy died (which was not Michael’s fault) so I didn’t come here with the intention to say anything at all, let alone anything negative.

    I would like to point out that the attitude you have is more likely to push people away from our cause, as opposed to being sympathetic and actually learning more about it. You’re kind of making the rest of us look bad with the vitriol.

    I wish you well and hope that I didn’t come across too condescending. I did try not to.

    • Wow. First of all, the “inflammatory way” I speak is due to the fact that people insist on wandering onto this blog, not reading a word I say, putting words into my mouth, and insulting me. Defending my stance and getting irritated when people attack me is not “inflammatory”. It’s “normal”.

      Second of all, Oh, honey, don’t be so condescending. I am not hate-filled, but people like you like to say that I am in order to not have to engage with me in any meaningful way. You can think what you want about Michael Jamison and his buying a tiger to use against burglars. I literally don’t care what you think, at all, in any way. This blog is for MY opinion, and I think I have justified what I’ve said. Tigers are not pets, Jamison is not running a sanctuary and he should not have these tigers.

      My “vitriol” comes from being constantly attacked by folks like you, who lead with insults, proceed with appalling condescension, and then for some reason expecting civility as their due.

      No. I am under no obligation to be nice, thoughtful or courteous to people like you who “oh honey bless your heart” me.

      So please take your snotty attitude and leave. Thank you ever so much darlin.

    • I agree. This writer does not watch the videos. I think Michael is amazing . I’m an American in Tampa …and gain nothing by defending him but I will. They are amazing to there animals. Tell others NOT to get tigers as pets but treat their own like children,. …and Michael is such a good person. You can just tell if you spend a lot of time watching the videos. This writer did not at all.

      • I have watched the videos. It’s a lot of “I keep pet tigers because I want to but you shouldn’t”. That is hypocritical, I think. And again, you are saying “their animals”. As in, their property. It’s great if they treat them well, but these tigers are pets. Frame it however you want–I never said he abuses them. But tigers should not be kept as pets, and that is exactly what this guy is doing. How well he does it, and how nice he is to “his” tigers, really isn’t the fucking point.

        But thanks for coming on here and assuming I never watched the videos.

        Have a nice day. Please don’t come back.

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