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More on Yourofsky and violence

I think I may have posted this link in the comments in my previous Gary Y post, but it deserves to be showcased here.  It is eloquent and beautiful and thought-provoking and needs to be shared widely. http://www.energygrid.com/animals/2015/05ap-yourofskyrape.html The most poignant words for me were “pacifism is activism without the ego”.  Beautiful.  And watch the […]

Vegans, please stop promoting Gary Yourofsky

It is unfortunate that a great many vegans are promoting Gary Yourofsky as some sort of hero for the animals. This violent, angry man spouts off regularly about what he’d like to do or see done to all the “evil” animal exploiters. These “evil” people are his non-vegan friends and family, and yours, and mine. […]