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Dear Vegan article on Elephant Journal

http://www.elephantjournal.com/2016/08/dear-vegan-theres-something-i-have-to-say/ Oh, here’s a wonderful article from a non-vegan to a vegan, posted by a “friend” on Facebook recently. Predictably, within the first 100 words, this comes up: “I understand why you force your beliefs upon me”. It’s quickly followed by this: “Because yes, although I am a farmer, I too believe there are many […]

Vegans, please stop promoting Gary Yourofsky

It is unfortunate that a great many vegans are promoting Gary Yourofsky as some sort of hero for the animals. This violent, angry man spouts off regularly about what he’d like to do or see done to all the “evil” animal exploiters. These “evil” people are his non-vegan friends and family, and yours, and mine. […]

On Pet “Ownership”

As an abolitionist vegan, I hope for a world where no animals are enslaved and kept as “pets”.  It is degrading, to them and to us.  Here is a link to a beautifully expressed essay on animals we forcibly keep as “companions”.  Please read it and consider what it’s saying.   http://elated.co.za/do-you-love-your-pets-unconditionally/

Veganism, unicorn-and-rainbow style

As a vegan, I’m trying to change how people think about non-human animals. We perceive them as property, as things that we can use however we want simply because we can. We are human, and they are not, and this somehow entitles us to have power over them and disregard all of their interests. To […]

I hate trolls.

I recently posted on Facebook about the wild horse cull about to happen here and how many people are protesting it.  My post stated that if you eat meat, as I am certain most—if not all—of the protestors do, then you are contributing to the very thing you are protesting: the rounding up and enslavement […]

On vegans, vitriol and single issue campaigns

Today, I was called an “ignorant bitch” by a person, Stephanie, who is supposedly a fellow vegan. She had made a Facebook post about how she was tired of seeing people’s responses to posts about Marius, a baby giraffe slaughtered in front of a crowd at Copenhagen zoo in Denmark and his dismembered body fed […]

Cesar Milan is not so much a “Dog Whisperer” as a “Dog Abuser”

I loathe and despise Cesar Milan, the supposed “dog whisperer”. This man is not good at all for dogs. In fact, his asinine behaviours have likely resulted in more than a few undeserving dogs being labelled as “dangerous” and being put to sleep. He’s all about the spectacle and not at all about the actual […]